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Montreal-based startup Runatserver was commissioned to design and build a web-based application that enables building security personnel to easily perform a multitude of functions, including door control, live video, telephone entries, smart card and alarm management, etc.
This product must be able to adapt and expand as the systems it supports are updated or extended.

  • Context: Employed in Montreal (CA)
  • Sector: Private security
  • Product: Buildings security management software
  • Target audience: Building administrators
  • Objectives: Design a visual and user-centered product, while supporting developments within a short timeframe

Skills and activities

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Analysis & Strategy

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User Research

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UX/UI Design

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User Testing

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Graphic Design

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Data Visualization

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Design System

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Front-end dev

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Team Collaboration

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Artistic Direction

1. UX/UI design

On some sprints, my work started with researching and designing features. I used simple navigation based on large icons to take into account the users referencial. Integrated tutorials simplified the learning process.

My visual creation was chosen from among the proposals of two other graphic designers, and I then designed and produced most of the graphic mockups.

Filters and navigation research
Wireframe for filters research
Tutoriel for creating dockviews

2. Integration

I developed the resources and graphic components in XAML and prepared the animations and resizable screen layouts. Ongoing collaboration with the developers ensured technical feasibility and graphic integration.

Modal windows implementation guidelines

3. Teamwork

We were lucky enough to work in perfectly defined sprints, with one of Canada's pioneers of agility and a seasoned Scrum Master! This enabled me to work iteratively on certain key screens.
Another English-speaking graphic designer came in to help us design graphic mock-ups for the screens. I guided and supervised her work. Alongside this art direction, I was able to start coding the GUI with the developers.


The project was a success, with very positive feedback from the customer. The right use of agile methodology and teamwork were key to overcoming the challenges encountered.
After nearly a year working in Canada, Runatserveur allowed me to continue working for them remotely from France.